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If you want to reach highly trained and experienced actors, you can be rest assured Dramanic has exactly that. Dramanic brings you closer to the talented actors you need for your production. Each actor applicant to Dramanic is vetted to ensure they hold the right credentials for the sake of quality, professionalism and your peace of mind. To cast your production with Dramanic, you have two options:

1. Send your notice/breakdown to us by email to

With this option you don’t need to create a Dramanic account. Simply send your notice/breakdown in a word doc and we'll post it to our Casting Calendar for actors and agents to see. This is great if you already have your own internal system for dealing with submissions and you prefer actors to make submissions to an email address. There is no charge for this.

Please ensure your notice also includes, amongst the other obvious things:

• Clear details of pay (e.g. ‘Equity minimum’ or actual fee level)
• Location of audition (at least city or town if venue TBC)
• Contact details for submissions
• Deadline for submissions

Dramanic reserves the right to refuse the addition of a notice to our Casting Calendar.

2. Use the Dramanic Casting Solution

This option allows you to create specific character breakdowns allowing only actors who fall in the set criteria to respond. You can manage the responses, set limits and contact actors you wish to audition using the Dramanic platform. There is currently no charge for this.

Use this form to create your account and use our Casting Calendar. Each new account is subject to a verification process so please allow between 24-48 hours after sign up for the issued password to work, provided you have then been successfully verified.

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